What you MUST avoid on a Hells Gate Cycling Tour

We are lucky to be located next to so many attractions and offer what we believe to be the best Lake Naivasha Guesthouse in the region. With comfortable rooms and friendly staff, you can be sure to enjoy a comfortable stay in a secure environment. However, we also know that you come here for the amazing things to do in Lake Naivasha. Amazing things such as the Hells Gate Cycling Tour rather than just to experience our hospitality!

Main pitfall with the Hells Gate Cycling Tour

With the above in mind, this is why we ensure our guests are fully aware of the best options for exploring the area. One of these involves cycling in Hells Gate National Park. Beautiful in every way, the park itself never fails to disappoint. However. unfortunately, sometimes the guides or the actual bicycles have a tendency to feel like a real let down.

For this reason, we organize a Hells Gate Cycling Tour with not only trusted guides but also the absolute best bicycles in the area. You might be surprised to hear this but we actually have excellent bikes here including excellent models of both Giant and Trek. We can also tell you that the owners ensure these bicycles are kept in the best shape possible and they take spares on each Hells Gate Cycling Tour to avoid problems.

Cycling in Hells Gate National Park

What to avoid while cycling in Hells Gate and how to avoid it

Want to know what to avoid? You can actually cycle alone to the park and enjoy cycling in Hells Gate without a guide. But please, for now, you must avoid renting bicycles outside the park itself. Why?

Not because we dislike these people or because we want your money. And not because they are fitted with explosives designed to ruin your travel experience.

We tell you this because they are in bad shape and feedback from tourists is always poor.

We look forward to receiving you here at Lake Naivasha Guesthouse or even just organizing your Hells Gate Cycling Tour. Either way, Safari Njema, and Asante Sane.

You can contact us more information on the instant chat facility in the corner.

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