Buffalo Mall Naivasha Contacts and Opening Hours

Buffalo Mall Naivasha

Are you looking for Buffalo Mall Naivasha contacts? Maybe you need to know the opening hours? Buffalo Mall is the best supermarket in Naivasha and located right down the street from our Naivasha Guesthouse – just on the edge of town. I decided to write this post because every day, for weeks on end, I was unaware of these times. … Read More

Looking for an Affordable Naivasha Guesthouse?

Naivasha Guesthouse

Are you wondering where to stay in Naivasha? Although we have a guesthouse next to the lake, we also have an excellent Naivasha Guesthouse in the town itself. Whether you stopover for a business meeting or a quick trip to the lake or simply en-route to another destination, you should find our Naivasha Guesthouse has everything you need for a … Read More