Buffalo Mall Naivasha Contacts and Opening Hours

Buffalo Mall Naivasha

Are you looking for Buffalo Mall Naivasha contacts? Maybe you need to know the opening hours?

Buffalo Mall is the best supermarket in Naivasha and located right down the street from our Naivasha Guesthouse – just on the edge of town.

I decided to write this post because every day, for weeks on end, I was unaware of these times. In fact, I arrived at Buffalo Mall Naivasha on more than a few occasions only to realize the shops were closed – including my beloved coffee shop next door, Java House.

Buffalo Mall Naivasha Contacts

You can contact Buffalo Mall management on hello@buffalomallnaivasha.com or alternatively call +254 716 328 384.

In fact, I recommend you call this number if you are unsure as to whether Buffalo Mall opening hours are the same on certain holidays, for it does close down completely from time to time.

Buffalo Mall Naivsaha Opening Hours

Anyway, the Buffalo Mall opening hours are between 9.30am and 9.30pm.

Yes, that’’s right – it does not open at 7.30am as advertised! Whether you plan on a quick trip to Tuskys or just to grab some coffee, this is a great place to stop over in Naivasha. In many ways, I think people like this place because it seems so much quieter and laid back than the town.

Either way, this is a nice alternative to town and the Tusky’s supermarket in particular is well stocked and a lot less crowded.


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