5 Best Places to Eat in Naivasha Town

Steak and Chips

Wondering where are the best places to eat in Naivasha?

When I first arrived in the area back in 2008, there were very few places to consider for the best places to eat in Naivasha. At the same time, there was certainly nothing online about the best Naivasha restaurants or anything to do at all.

Anyway, things change and recently, I have noticed many small businesses taking more interest in becoming the best place to eat in Naivasha. With this in mind, here are just a few of what I believe to be the best restaurants in Naivasha:

5 Best Places to East in Naivasha Town

Sausage and chips

1. Safari Cafe

Having stayed in my favourite Naivasha Guesthouse on many occasions, I took a real fancy to this small cafe. Featuring a range of traditional dishes and simple meals, this is very much a local place to eat in Naivasha with extremely low prices. It may not be the finest cuisine in town but the sausage and chips hits the spot.

2. Java House at Buffalo Mall

Java House is found all over Kenya and while this is quite an expensive coffee shop, it is also one of the best places to eat in Naivasha. Check out the fish and chips for inspiration or maybe even the breakfast.

Steak and Chips

3. Spur Steakhouse

To be honest, I have never sat down and enjoyed an evening meal at Spur but I have had the cooked breakfast on too many times to remember. Again, this is not really a cheap option but for a group gathering or a quite place to spend the monirng, I recommend.

4. Mothers Kitchen

Often considered the best restaurant in Naivasha, Mothers Kitchen is small and welcoming. I am not sure as to whether the popularity is due to word of mouth or online presence but the food is great and the atmosphere is always warm.

5. The Hungry Hippo

Although located just out of town, this is an excellent place to eat in Naivasha which allows visitors to get out of the town centre without haveing to travel too far. Expect wholesome and hearty meals in a quiet setting.

As you can see, these Naivasha restaurants are located in the town itself but there are many more excellent places to eat in Lake Naivasha which I will write about at a later stage.

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